Away Match vs Cranborne FC (MDPL)


Saturday 26 November 2011


Magna Dorset Premier League 2011/12


Sherborne Town Reserves


7-0 (Away Defeat)

Match Report

Sherborne Town Reserves manager, Dave Gudge commented on his sides’ performance at Cranborne in the Magna Dorset Premier League.

‘‘This game could have been seen as a tight fixture, but unfortunately we were left short-handed by a few players who couldn’t make the match.

 I am still recovering from another health scare and ended up having to play, which is not fair on my players.

 We did have as many chances to score as Cranborne, and once again they took theirs and we didn't. They did overrun us because we were not at the races on many occasions; however we still tried to play some good football at times. We need to know when to play and when to put your foot through it so to speak, and no matter how many times we talk about it, it isn’t going to happen overnight (the older they get, the better they will become). So as you can see, it's because they are still learning the game and as yet they are not ready for this level, apart from one or two.’’