Away Match vs Street FC (TWLPD)


Saturday 20 November 2010


Toolstation Western League Premier Division 2010/11


Sherborne Town 1st


2-0 (Away Defeat)


Phil Ormrod - hungry to win

Match Report

Sherborne Town got exactly what they deserved at Street according to manager Mickey Spencer after failing to turn possession into chances, losing 2-0.

The Raleigh Grove boss was left frustrated as the hosts scored from two of only three opportunities created, while Sherborne appeared to lack hunger for the fight.

Town dominated spells without making the all-important breakthrough as the Street keeper enjoyed a quiet afternoon in the Toolstation Western League Premier Division.

Spencer said: "It was a frustrating day because we went back to attractive possession football without really adding any real punch.

"We got what we deserved because you do not get points for possession football. They scored two goals on quick breaks and we were not strong enough in the tackle and did not show enough desire.

"We are keen enough to play our football, but we were not really wanting to show a fight and tussle with a player. It was quite concerning to see a lack of fight when we needed it and you saw players jumping out of tackles instead of winning the ball.

"It was a lesson in men's football and we have got to be able to tough it out physically in order to win the right to play the pretty football."

Sherborne attacking outlook put Street immediately on the back foot, but the lack of a final ball made it easier for the home team to absorb pressure.

Kyle Chesterman spurned a golden opportunity from 12 yards after being found by Steve Burton before Street punished their visitors from a corner.

Former Town forward Aaron Lomax brushed aside Chris Luke to earn possession and beat keeper Roy Emmerson from 18 yards.

After the break Luke hit the post and Harry Montacute missed the target only for Street to double their advantage with ten minutes to go.

A Street attacker got the better of Lee Clark close to the touchline, crossing for a home wing back, who miss-hit his shot but saw it loop over Emmerson.

Spencer said: "We are putting ourselves in a very awkward position just by the very fact that we are not ruffling any defences. The aim of the game, after all, is to score goals.

"For the first time I felt sorry for our forwards because whereas last week we had a lot of pressure in the opposition's box, this week we had nothing. Phil Ormrod put in another strong performance but had nothing to work with.

"There were plenty of opportunities to deliver the ball early but whatever reason we chose to delay the cross which only served Street more time to organise their defence.

"Street scored from two chances because they crossed the ball early befeore we had the chance to re-organise - that was the difference.

"Street gave us a lesson in how to finish a game. When we dominate like we do we have got to turn it into something that is going to put the opposition under pressure in the box. One or two shots in 90 minutes is not good enough."


Sherborne Town: Roy Emmerson, Harry Montacute, Jamie Manley, Lee Clark, Danny Thompson, Steve Burton, Andy Martin, Chris Luke, Kyle Chesterman, Phil Ormrod, Sam Jarman. Subs: Sean Westlake (for Chesterman), Stuart Sweatman (for Jarman), Steve Jervis (unused).